Arranged Marriages of the Fae

Arranged Marriages of the Fae is a multi-author series of romantic fantasy stand-alone novellas, designed to be read independently. Together, they feature arranged marriages in fae fantasy and offer complete romances while also allowing the reader to enjoy a variety of tones and approaches. Perfect for romantic fantasy readers with busy lives who love swoony romance.

Married by Wind 3D

Married by Wind

By Angela J. Ford

Available September 9

About the Book

A cursed lamp, a mortal woman, the god of wind, and an arranged marriage that could devastate their hearts.

When sand devils attack Ulika’s tribe and destroy her home, she travels to fae mountain to ask for help.

When she arrives, she accidentally traps the Wind in a lamp and binds herself to him.

In his fury, he takes her to the hall of the gods to ask the spirits to sever the bond between them.

The spirits aren’t keen to help and decide the binding is a perfect opportunity to teach the Wind a lesson.

He and the mortal girl are bound together until he helps her rid the desert of the sand devils.

Obstacles arise as the two work together, but as time passes, they discover one truth.

Even though a mortal and an immortal don’t belong together, perhaps their love can break all curses.

Read the origins of the first jinn, set in the magical land of Nomadia, where forbidden love has the possibility of changing the future forever.

Meet Angela

Angela J. Ford is a bestselling author who writes epic fantasy and steamy fantasy romance with vivid worlds, gray characters and endings you just can’t guess. She has written and published over 20 books.

She enjoys traveling, hiking, and playing World of Warcraft with her husband. First and foremost, Angela is a reader and can often be found with her nose in a book.

Aside from writing she enjoys the challenge of working with marketing technology and builds websites for authors.

If you happen to be in Nashville, you’ll most likely find her enjoying a white chocolate mocha and daydreaming about her next book.

Visit her website for autographed books, book boxes, and bookish candles.

Visit her website.

Married by Fate 3D

Married by Fate

By Jenny Hickman

Available September 16

About the Book

He’s a Prince bound by duty.
She’s his brother’s fae bride.
Until fate intervenes.

Lady Roisin knew her fate was to marry a human prince, helping to heal the rift between the humans and the fae. Luckily, she fell desperately in love with her betrothed, the dashing heir to the Vellanian throne, Prince Alrec. One day soon, she will be his queen. A day Roisin has been looking forward to for as long as she can remember.

As the king’s youngest son, Prince Caiman knew his fate was to live in his older brother Alrec’s shadow. One day soon, Alrec will be crowned king. A day Caiman has been dreading for as long as he can remember.

When tragedy strikes the kingdom, Caiman is forced to ascend to the throne in his brother’s stead. But becoming King of Vellana means upholding the alliance with the fae by marrying his brother’s betrothed. And marrying a woman who has despised him for years cannot end in happily-ever-after . . .

Meet Jenny

Jenny grew up in Oakland, Maryland and currently lives in County Tipperary, Ireland with her husband and two children. Her love of reading blossomed the summer after graduating high school, when she borrowed a paperback romance from her mother during the annual family beach vacation.

From that sunny day forward, she has been a lover of stories with Happily-Ever-Afters.

After the success of The PAN Trilogy, a contemporary YA romance with a Peter-Pan twist, Hickman has once again partnered with Midnight Tide Publishing to release an adult dark fantasy romance series of interconnected standalone novels, The Myths of Airren.

The first book in the series, A Cursed Kiss, releases November 24.

The second book in the series, A Cursed Heart, is set to release in spring ’22.

Visit her website.

Married by Scandal 3D

Married by Scandal

By Tessonja Odette

Available September 23

About the Book
She’ll marry a prince if she must. But fall in love? Never.

The first time Amelie Fairfield fell in love, she started a war. Now, the part-human, part-fae fashion designer has sworn off romance to focus on her career. But when her name makes headlines in the worst possible way, there’s only one thing she can do to escape scandal—marry a human prince and make everyone forget about the career-killing rumors.

To solidify peace between the humans and fae, Prince Albert must take a fae bride. As sister to the fae queen, Amelie is the perfect candidate. If only she could say the same for the rakish prince she’ll have to marry. At least his devilish charm and good looks keep society fixated on him and not her.

But scandal becomes the least of Amelie’s worries when she embarks upon an engagement tour. She’ll need to convince the aristocracy that her arranged marriage is a true love match…without falling in love. Just when she thinks she has it all under control, the prince reveals a secret that suggests he might not be the man she thought. In fact, he might not be a prince at all…

Can Amelie juggle a world of fashion, unexpected espionage, and dating her not-so-fake fiancé? Or will her closed-off heart prove to be her biggest hurdle yet?

Meet Tessonja

Tessonja Odette is a fantasy author living in Seattle with her family, her pets, and ample amounts of chocolate. When she isn’t writing, she’s watching cat videos, petting dogs, having dance parties in the kitchen with her daughter, or pursuing her many creative hobbies. 

Visit her website.

Marred by War 3D

Married by War

By Sarah k.l. Wilson

Available September 30

About the Book

He’s a knight bound by honor. She’s a sacrificial bride. Their love cannot be.

When Sir Oakensen is asked to retrieve the king’s illegitimate daughter to be offered in a marriage of peace with the fae, he is hoping for nothing more than a hot meal and to keep his men alive.

When Iva is told that her fate is not in the kennels raising the king’s dogs, but rather to be the bride of an enemy king, she thinks her life is over.

Neither of them expects love.

Pursuing it could threaten two nations finally on the verge of peace.

Meet Sarah

USA Today bestselling author, Sarah K. L. Wilson loves happy endings, stories that push things just a little further than you expect, heroes who actually act heroic, selfless acts of bravery, and second chances. She writes young adult fantasy because fantasy is her home and apparently her internal monologue is stuck in the late teens.

Visit her website.

Married by Treachery 3D

Married by Treachery

By Barbara Kloss

Available October 7

About the Book

Raquel never expected to marry a bear. To be fair, Prince Edom wasn’t actually a bear, but it was impossible to see his face through his mess of wild hair. Not that she needed to see his face. In fact, it was probably better that she didn’t.

Because she was going to kill him.

It had been seven years since Prince Edom had galloped off with her best friend through the magiked veil, and taken her into his magiked kingdom. Seven long years of resolve, of hard work and training, so that Raquel would be ready for this day: the day she would exact vengeance upon Prince Edom, for all the brides he’d stolen.

For all the brides he’d murdered.

Raquel vowed she would be the last, but she wasn’t prepared for what lay on the veil’s other side. It was not the lush and magnificent kingdom from the stories of her youth, and, as it turned out, its prince was not what she’d expected either.

No, Prince Edom was not what she’d expected at all.

Meet Barbara

Barbara studied biochemistry at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA, and worked for years as a clinical laboratory scientist. She was lured there by mental images of colorful bubbling liquids in glass beakers. She was deceived. Always an avid reader, especially of fantasy, she began drafting her own stories, writing worlds and characters that were never beyond saving.

When she’s not writing, she’s usually reading, trekking through the wilderness, playing the piano, or gaming—though she doesn’t consider herself a gamer. She just happens to like video games. RPGs, specifically. Though now that her kids are getting older, she’s finding she has to share her PS4 more than she would like.

She currently lives in northern California with her gorgeous husband, three kids, and pup. Author of the award-winning Gaia’s Secret Series, and SPFBO4 finalist, The Gods of Men.

Visit her website.

Married by Starfall 3D

Married by Starfall

By Meg Cowley

Available October 14

About the Book

She will wed a fae sorcerer to save her mother’s life. He will kill her on Starfall night to save himself.

Venya’s mother is dying—and Venya’s only remaining option is to bargain with a feared fae sorcerer, Kassimir the Dark, for a cure. She is desperate enough to do anything—or so she thinks, until Kassimir asks an impossible price.

Kass is no ordinary fae sorcerer. There’s a demon bound to his heart, and the bonds are breaking. When they shatter on Starfall night, the demon will kill him—unless he can find a sacrifice to take his place. When a desperate elf maiden arrives upon his doorstep, an arranged marriage is the perfect ruse to keep her.

Venya finds Kass to be the opposite of the wicked necromancer she expected, and Kassimir cannot help but soften in the face of the shy elven librarian who unlocks his heart. Something forbidden and dangerous blooms between them—but the deadline of Starfall approaches, and Kassimir cannot evade the terrible price the demon has set.

A terrible betrayal looms, and one is doomed to die on Starfall night unless fate itself can be defied by love.

Meet Meg

Meg is a USA Today bestselling fantasy author from the windswept moors of Yorkshire, England, where she lives with her husband, young son, and two mischievous cats.

Her favourite past times are reading, walking, cooking, and travel.

Meg writes sweeping epic fantasies filled with betrayal, intrigue, romance, adventure, high stakes, and twisting plots.

She enjoys exploring the complex nature of humanity, and her books are widely praised for having gripping, compelling, multi-layered characters.

Her books have sold hundreds of thousands copies around the world, had tens of millions Kindle Unlimited page reads, and gained her USA Today Bestselling Author status in November 2017.

Meg works best when fuelled by margherita pizza, earl grey tea, and characters who won’t do what they’re told.

Visit her website.

Married by Dusk 3D

Married by Dusk

By Brianne Wik

Available October 21

About the Book

She’s a pampered princess.
He’s a dark prince cloaked in secrets.
Their union could unify their kingdoms…or end in ruin.

Though she is heir to the throne, Princess Elena lives a pampered and sheltered life. Carefree and unaware of the dangers surrounding her kingdom, she has never learned how to navigate hardships or be a leader to her people, always allowing her parents to rule.

But when the humans declare war on her kind, Elena is blindsided by a sudden and startling marriage arrangement to none other but the Dark Prince himself. Horrified by this turn of events, Elena promises to do what is necessary, but that doesn’t mean she has to be happy about it.

Though Prince Tynan begrudges the arrangement, he’s willing to do what is necessary for the sake of his kind. Even if it means aligning himself and his kingdom with the prejudiced Light fae and their pampered princess.

So why does his magic stir beneath his skin the moment he sees her? And why is she so drawn to the dark fae she’s supposed to hate?

Meet Brianne

Brianne Wik writes swoony, romantic, and magical tales that explore emotional trauma and the self-acceptance journey, while also giving you just the right amount of stomach fluttering moments to make your toes curl.

When she’s not writing, you can find her curled up in front of the TV with her precious kitty as they both binge Bridgerton episodes or sing-a-long to Disney classic movies on Disney+.

Visit her website for signed books, character art prints, and special bonuses only available to her mailing list.

Visit her website.

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